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IGADEN Non-Chemical Water Treatment System



  • Chemical-free water treatment for cooling towers
  • Scale and slime removal from circulation water
  • Scale and slime removal from pipes and facilities
  • Reduce thermal load for pump and chiller
  • Reduce water blowdown and increase COC

Ecomiz Cooling System (Mist System)

  • Effective in cooling the surrounding environment despite rising outdoor temperature
  • Using ultra-fine molecular vapor

Pure Ozone Solution System

  • Sterilisation of germs everywhere in the room
  • Ozone is an oxidizing molecule that naturally eliminates many common pollutants, contaminants, and harmful microbes.

Natural Convection System


  • Provide cooling to room or space at 2 meters height
  • Silent System – No force draft or induced fan system
  • No air filter required
  • No condensation issue
  • Saves on existing equipment energy – FCUs & AHUs unit fan motor
  • Saves on cooling Capacity – No Further needs to cool the entire height of the room
  • Saves cost on existing equipment maintenance cost – FCUs and AHUs unit
  • Savings from 30-50% of current load


Cooling Tower Blowdown Recovery System


  • BD necessary to reduce scaling potential from build up in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).
  • Increase in TDS concentration due to evaporation of cooling tower water.
  • BD is the action of discharging high TDS cooling tower water and replenishing it with fresh water to lower the TDS in recirculation.
  • Proposed BD recovery system seeks to reduce the volume of replenished fresh water and provide huge cost savings.
  • Continuous treatment capacity able to treat up to 144m3 BD per day.
  • Expected recovered volume = 75%
  • Treated water quality to match NEWater specifications.
  • BD Recovery system provides 2 key cost savings:-
  • Using 75% lesser PUB water.
  • Additional rebate from the PUB Water Efficiency Fund scheme.






Intelligence energy solution to your needs

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